Maui residents: Learn More About Your 2017 Senior Advantage (HMO) Plan

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Beginning January 1, 2017, Kaiser Permanente will offer one Medicare health plan on Maui: Kaiser Permanente Senior Advantage Maui (HMO). This new plan is exclusively for Maui island residents.

If you have already submitted a Senior Advantage enrollment form, thank you for your enrollment.

If you have not submitted a new enrollment form and you wish to continue using Kaiser Permanente for your health care services, you can enroll today.

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Thank you for entrusting your care with Kaiser Permanente. We welcome your continued membership and look forward to providing you the high quality care and coverage you’ve come to expect.

Your New Medicare Health Plan Premium and Benefits

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Keep the health care team you know and trust.

Hospital care, medical services, and prescription drug coverage, all in one plan

Predictable costs, including an annual limit on your out-of-pocket expenses

Access to a wide range of specialists and your choice of quality Kaiser Permanente doctors—and you can switch to another Kaiser Permanente doctor doctors if your needs ever change

See your doctor, visit a lab, and pick up your prescriptions—often in one location